June 19, 2021

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My time with RCG

Good evening!

This evening I felt like telling you about my time with Relaxed Chaotics Gaming!

RCG was one of my proudest communities that I have ever built.

I started RCG from nothing, with barely any knowledge of the game and built it into an active thriving community.

Heres my story:

Back in the early summer of 2020, a friend of mine recommended a game called Conan Exiles. I had a look at the game, and it was exactly the kind of game I would love. It had RPG, survival mechanics, building, crafting, mulitplayer, servers, coding, mods, etc. Everything I’d love in a game.

I started playing on a server, and I fell in LOVE within my first hour of playing. What a feeling it was. After coming home from a long time of work to just sit down and play a little bit, it was amazing. I learnt a lot about how the game worked within my first couple of hours of playing, which gave me a burning feeling to learn even more! That’s when I found out about the mods, most importantly, Age of Calamitous (AoC).

I had reached about 20-25 hours of play time in Conan Exiles before I decided to start my first server. Just a vanilla server, no mods, nothing special. Players joined, players left. Just like it is starting a new server in a crowded game.

Eventually I did some research, added Age Of Calamitous to the server, and a couple of other mods (i.e Pippi). This is where I noticed people started getting intrigued by what I could provide. I listened to the players on what they wanted, and did not want, compromised and made a final decision. In the end, I had about 10 different mods on the server.

I started of with a 10 slot server, I didn’t figure I’d ever need any more. Within my first 2 weeks of owning the server, I reached 8 players on the server at a point and thought “Wow.. If this keeps going, I’m going to need more slots!!”. So I added another 8 so I had 18 slot server. I reached 14 players after another month, and thought wow! How do I even keep this up. I set the server to 32 slots and then I had a steady 14-28 players active at all time during a period. The server started costing more money, so I opened up a donation system. My first donation I received would keep the server running for a whole other month, from 1 donation!

This is where I knew that that the server indeed was a hit. I created different VIP ranks, a VIP area on the map, custom perks (cosmetics primarily), and a lot of more features primarily for the VIPs. That made more people donate to the server. At one point, I made 3 months worth of server up keep in less than a day. This is where things started going bad..

I started investing into other game servers, thinking I’d have the same luck. That didn’t workout of course, too much competiton.

I ended up getting promoted at work, meaning I had to work A LOT more. I didn’t have time to maintain the server, I had already purchased a lot of server time (shared hosting), but my player base started declining. Within 2 months, those 24 active players got as low as 5-6 active players.

Then came the “Big Conan Update”. With a new map and new adventures. I thought “This is going to be my chance to get back where I was!!”. But the players had already left to go to another server, and switched game completely. Slowly but surely, the community was ruined.

Even though the community ended in a “tragedy”, I couldn’t have been happier with the time I got from running such a successful server. Being on the top 1% of Conan Servers left quite an impact on me.

I learnt so much about running a community, running a server, people in general.

None of this would have been possible without my friend who bought me the game in the beginning when the free weekend was over. Thanks a lot for that, Anton!

And thanks to the people I now can call my friends. Without your help and your support, it wouldn’t have been possible! What a time it was, indeed.


Thanks for taking your time reading this post!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Best regards,