June 20, 2021

GSA United

Game Servers Association

The new “GSA”

Hey there, ladies and gentlemen!

I’ve recently decided to make some changes to GSA United. These changes included the following:

New Theme to the website – Slight bugs and minor changes might occur.

Separated the forum from the rest of the website.

LMS (Learning Management System):
Added an LMS system.
This allows members to become instructors.
If you have knowledge that you know people can have use of, and want to share that with the rest of the association, this is the place for just that.
Share your knowledge by creating courses for others to follow.

You will be able to create Premium (Paid) courses as well. This will be very similar to how Udemy works.

News Page:
The new landing page will include a news page. That page is where you are currently are. This is the first news article on the new website! Congratulations!

That is about it for now!

Best regards,