June 20, 2021

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Top Conan Exiles Mods

What are the best mods for Conan Exiles? This question is something we’ve all wondered at some point, whether you’re a Server Administrator or a Player, finding the perfect mod combination can be quite difficult, that’s why I’m here today to hopefully help you out a little!

#10 Pickup+

Pickup+ is a very helpful mod which allows you to pickup basically anything. Workshops, thralls, boxes of different sort. All those things you wouldn’t be able to pickup otherwise. Very useful if you have a modded server that’s a bit crowded, this will let people move to another location without having the issue of taking 100 trips back and forth, and/or having to rebuild everything.

It’s also compatible for both multiplayer and single player! In my opinion, this is a must have on a server.


#9 Hosav’s Custom UI Mod

I remember when I first experienced this custom UI, I was shocked about how much more it has to offer. And it’s completely customizable from the client side, meaning you have customize it to your personal preference. And your players can do the same!

This mod also lets you see the damage you make towards monsters, which is really helpful in my opinion, to see the different damages weapons make to the enemies. It even shows different icons on the damage depending on your weapon!


This is not a must have for a server, but in my opinion it makes the game feel a whole lot better.

#8 Glass Constructions & More

This is a mod that was very helpful back in the days when there wasn’t any glass builds available, it is now however! But that doesn’t mean it’s still very useful. It still offers a whole lot of different building pieces other than just Glass constructions. I would definetly recommend checking out the mod


This is a mod that was highly requested by my community. One of the best decisions I ever made.

#7 Kerozards Paragon Leveling

Sometimes Level 60 just isn’t enough..

Paragon leveling is very customizable as well.

This mod allows you and your players to level up to level 300 instead of the ordinary 60. And still grants you attribute points to increase your levels.

It also offers different perks depending on your level.

Paragon Bonuses

  • Sturdy Materials

    At level 70, this paragon buff grants an increasing chance to avoid any durability loss whenever your items are being damaged.
  • Harvest Proficiency

    From level 80 onward, you gain an increasing chance to receive bonus items from harvesting.
  • Keen Eye

    Once you reach level 90 you will have an increasing chance to hit an enemy critically and deal additional damage.”

This information was copied directly from the Steam page.


I added this mod after a just 1-2 weeks after starting my server.
I had an x4 progress rate, meaning you gain 4 times more XP and resources. This helped people have more levels to strive towards. It still took about 2-4 weeks for players to reach a max level. It’s the sense of achievement when you level up that’s important – And at max level, you’ll keep the grind going. This is where the next mod is very important!

#6 Endgame Extended Weapons Arsenal (EEWA)

EEWA allows the players to keep the grind going, even after reaching the max level. Allowing them to keep doing quests and missions in order to get better gear, etc. It’s yet another achievement to be reached.

This mod offers so much more than just an extended arsenal of weapons – It also offers a whole lot of new quests, dungeons, 100+ new items, mounts, sorcery and spells (!!). It adds so much more to the game, than just grinding and building. It offers a whole lore for you to follow.

I could describe this mod for hours, but to not steal any attention from the creator, I’ll let you read about it yourself!

This is yet another mod that’s a must have to keep your community entertained for tens if not hundreds of hours!


#5 Less Building Placement Restrictions

If you have an RP server, or just primarily a server that has a lot of builders in it, this is a mod that I’d strongly recommend for you.

If you’ve played Conan Exiles for a while, you might have noticed that you are not able to build in a lot of places because of an ill placed tree or rock, or it’s to steep or whatever! There are a ton of reasons to why you can’t place your build in certain places, this mod removes that restriction.


As you can see in the image above, it’s extremely useful if you’re a builder, tired of all the restrictions the game has!

#4 LitMan Item Stack & Container Size

This is yet another mod that’s super helpful if you’re a builder. Whenever you’re building, you’re gonna need a lot of resources, and sometimes this can take hours because of how many trips you have to take.

LitMan allows you to carry 10 times more items in a stack than useful.

Keep in mind however that your weight capacity is still affected by the weight of the stacks. LitMan however also offers a mod that allows you to increase your weight capacity by a lot.


#3 Prestige – Extended Attributes

This is yet another mod that’s very useful if you’re using Paragon leveling.

Sometimes players want to have even more strength than what the game has to offer, even with Paragon’s Level system. This mod allows you to increase the maximum amount of attribute points you can spend on a certain skill. And it’s customizable as well!

It also offers items which gives you even more attribute points. Which can be found doing certain dungeons or given by an admin. It’s the perfect gift to give during tournaments!


This is not a mod that’s a “must have”, but I found it very useful for the players who had reached max level and wanted to keep the grind going besides the EEWA one.

#2 Age Of Calamitous (AoC)

This is one of the most famous mods available for Conan Exiles.

This adds a whole other mechanic to the game. A bunch of lores, factions, weapons, missions etc. The list goes on. An amazing job from the creator of this mod.


If you are going to have a modded server, this is definitely the first mod to go with. It adds so much more content to the game, an absolute unit of a mod.

Keep in mind that in case you’re going to be using this mod, I’d recommend using the first original map, and not the new map that came with the last DLC.

Just to give you a reasonable understanding of what this mod has to offer:

Here is a list of some additions to the game:

  • Six different playable Factions
  • Additional Character Creation Options
  • Attributes and Feats rebalanced for AoC
  • UI modifications
  • Thousands of new Decorations, Props, Items, Weapons, etc.
  • Many new Crafting Stations, Feats, & Recipes
  • New Level Cap 120
  • Special Content and Lore Elements from The Age of Calamitous

And much more!

Best decision I ever made adding this to my Server. The content this Mod offers, will bring players to your server, even without any customization.

This is yet another mod that I could talk for hours about. But I’ll let you read about it yourself!

Ps. It’s even got it’s own wiki page on Conan Exiles.


Last but not least..

#1 Pippi

Now this is the most useful mod anyone can have.

Pippi is an Server & User Management tool, allowing you to fully customize your server, while in-game. With a lot of features such as custom ranks, kits, new chat system, warp and teleporter systems and so much more!

This is a must have mod.

Pippi also has a mushi editor, allowing you to create custom scripts using Thespians – Creating your own NPC. This allows you to create custom quests, a custom market for your server and a whole lot more.


The reason Pippi is #1 on my list, is because without pippi, most servers wouldn’t be able to function the way it is. Pippi is basically the primary Mod for any server.

The list goes on and on about all the reasons to have this mod. Have a read at it and decide for yourself!

That’s about it for my list! I hope all of you enjoyed my top 10 mods list, and I hope you found it useful!

There are a lot of different “top 10” lists of mods, but this one primarily was my personal preferences – and I used all these mods on my server back in the days.

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to join the forum and ask away! I’d love to hear your opinions about Conan Exiles, and if you have any problems that you’d need some help with, don’t hesitate to ask!

Have a great day, and thank you for reading!
Best regards