July 26, 2021

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How Fortnite Was Created

Fortnite has gained massive popularity in the world of video games. Due to the huge fan following it seems like this game has been around since forever. However, that’s not the case. Although Fortnite has climbed the ladder of success very fast, it has gone through the same procedures as any other game would and made it to this point. Often players wonder how Fortnite was created, like who could be this awesome to think of an idea and turn it into this fantastic game? Well, hold tight as we take you on an information filled ride!

An Introduction Of Fortnite

Epic Games created Fortnite as a major endeavour to make the freshly rewritten version 4 of Unreal Engine work in order to produce heavy profit and signify its importance by proving this popular engine. In the beginning, it was a PvE cooperative gameplay that consisted of fun activities such as building forts to fight against zombies.

This technique turned out to be interesting for the players and they needed more. Turns out the audience really liked the Player-vs-Player gameplay that Epic Games added and there was an unexpected frenzy in response that was way beyond the anticipation even Epic Games could have imagined. The game has ever since made its room in the hearts of billions of players both kids and adults as they enjoy a virtual battle that keeps getting intense.

When Was Fortnite Released
In July 2017, Fortnite was first released. It was originated through an internal jam of game around 2011. In accordance with the report of 2014 from Game Informer, the creativity innovation contained the formation of a game that consisted of blended shooting game elements with a structure similar to that of Minecraft.

Over the years, Fortnite went under numerous developmental procedures until it was finally released in July 2017. At first, it was released under the title of paid early on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Even though Founder’s Packs was made available to the players who were paying but it wasn’t long before free-to-play access was given to everyone. Filled with all the trappings of titles such as games-as-service plus an eligibility to buy skins and other items that could be used for dress up or cosmetics.

The evolution of Fortnite began to reach even more heights when PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was released and started picking up steam instantly. Epic Games recognized this opportunity to add the famous gameplay “Battle Royale” mode into Fortnite. Shortly, Epic would differentiate among the two modes of gameplay by giving a title to the revert Fortnite Gameplay as “Save the World” and what majority of people now refer to as Fortnite as “Fortnite Battle Royale”.
The release of Fortnite Battle Royale happened with a free-to-play title back on September 26 2017.

Later in 2018, Fortnite Save The World earned the same title. In March 2018, Fortnite officially became available on iOS and was introduced on Android devices in the form of beta in August 2018. Fortnite ultimately made its place on the Nintendo Switch on June 12, 2018. Soon after that, cross-play was made available for almost all gaming systems except PlayStation 4 which eventually got compatibility in September 2018.
So to say that Fortnite was released on a single date would be wrong. It actually took 6 long years for Epic Games to release this masterpiece that has now become an important and fun part of everyone’s lives.

Why and How Has Fortnite Become So Popular?
Now the thing is, people nowadays love to play in a battleground with hundreds of other players who have to survive until they’re standing alone at the end. There are elements inserted in these games such as a safe zone that keeps getting smaller and kills players who come in its range.

This ultimately results in drawing players very close to each other and ready to face an intense battle. It is free to play and all you need is an iPhone (or android – typically any gaming machine!) and a strong Internet connection with 100% battery because you don’t want to get yourself killed while you’re trying to plug in the charger. Another reason for the popularity of Fortnite is that the graphics of the game are mind-blowingly realistic. Not frequently we find ourselves addicted to a game that has poor graphics. You can even run a 4K graphics at a constant 60 frames-per-second on your present hardware to have a better experience!

The Fortnite world feels as though it’s alive. The purpose of the game is not just killing – it is looting ammo, weapons and first aid for survival as soon as you land from that parachute. You can even unlock new skins and other fun items if you play Fortnite regularly.

Fortnite has also become famous because of its memorable and fun dance moves loved by kids and elders alike. This has gone to such an extent that YouTubers have started making signature videos on who does the Infinite Dab better? The dab had gained massive popularity in 2018 and has literally become an expression to celebrate something you have done.

Finished your cereal? Dab. Scored a goal? Dab. Beat your friend to race? DAB DAB DAB! You just can’t get enough of this fun move all thanks to Fortnite who has made it available for us to enjoy our achievements.
Other dance moves include the Groovy Jam, the famous Wiggle, the Disco Fever and so much more!

Bottom Line
Nowadays Fortnite may be going low in the market thanks to PUBG, but there are some players who are super loyal to Fortnite Battle Royale and just won’t have enough of this awesome game. The popularity of Fortnite is undebatable. It has revolutionized the world of video games and given players a new tactic to engage themselves into. The kids seem to love this game. They could literally play for hours on the PS and won’t even realize as the game provides a real-life experience.