July 26, 2021

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Tips to become a Fortnite Professional

Epic’s game has suddenly gained the title of one of the most popular games in the world, with a massive number of 45 million players from all across the world as estimated from the last count and most probably growing from there, Fortnite is a unique game both when compared to PUBG and the industry at large.

You might lose when you first drop in and it may take a while for you to get used to surviving as soon as you land. Both modes Battle Royale and Save The World can be tough both for veterans and beginners alike. So have a look at some tips we have compiled to help you become a pro Fortnite player. These tips will help you in surviving all volumes of the storm and beat everyone while you become the last man (or woman) standing.

Be Combative
This is one of the most vital things you need to develop in yourself and improve as a Fortnite player. Beginners tend to avoid getting into any fights or engaging with enemies they hear from afar and focus only on surviving. Often players tend to adapt the method of bridge camping to survive till the end but end up getting knocked out by another pro player.

Basically, what you need to do is engage with enemies as much as you can. The more fights you pick, the more practice you get and the more you practice the more chances you get on becoming a pro. Being aggressive in a virtual battlefield is somewhat important to survive and win. You can’t expect your skills to improve if you’re hiding in every other bush you find and running away from the sound of gunshots.

Get Your Grasp on The Healing System
If you want to become a pro in Fortnite, you gotta learn how to maintain your health to 100% till the end. If you look at your screen you will see a green bar at the bottom middle. This is your health. The blue bar above it is the shield which protects you from enemies attacking.

When you land on the ground your health will most likely be full but you can take slurp juices and potion from anywhere in the map to acquire a strong shield. The shield will expand in front of you when an enemy comes to attack. But be careful, although shields may be useful, they don’t work against falls and storms so make sure to keep an eye on your health throughout the game.

Know Your Weaponry and Prepare For Battle
The best thing about Fortnite is that the weapons are marked according to their strength. There are mainly 5 colors you will find weapon tiers in namely: Blue, Green, Grey, Purple and Gold/Orange. It is highly recommended to memorize these names by heart because it’s important. Having strong weapons increases your chance at winning as they cause more damage and if the weapons are fast, that’s a PLUS! So make sure that the next time you’re looting a chest you get yourself a handful of strong weapons and switch instantly if you’re carrying a weak one. This way, you will be fully equipped with a good arsenal. In short, pack yourself up with strongest guns (with both short and long range), grenades and other important weapons to ensure your survival and make a win.

Orderly Weapon Arrangement
This tip can be a lifesaver when you find yourself in a fight but you’re not ready. It is better to arrange your inventory in order so that you may use any item you want without any confusion. Try sorting in an arrangement from left to right like Long range weapons, Short range weapons and first aid at last. In this way, when a fight breaks in out of nowhere you can conveniently look at your inventory and choose a weapon that suits your need without having to look all the way down. Arranging your weapons based on their type of strength will help you immensely when you get stuck in an unexpected fight with opponents.

Don’t Stop Building!
If you see the top players in both Fortnite: Battle Royale and Fortnite: Save the World, you will see that they manage to build even the most complex structures in order to survive. Many players do this to reach heights, to make a good sniper point and so on.

The tip is, the more you build, the more you improve at it. Building is basically used as a safe structure and players can use pickaxed cars, trees and all such items to build. They can also include fancy walls, doors and windows to these house-like structures with a staircase and of course a roof. You can also build for drawing a quick shield and make yourself ready for the enemy so try to master this tip as soon as you can to become a Fortnite pro.

If you succeed in keeping these 5 useful tips in mind and apply them in your next virtual battle, it is guaranteed that you will be rewarded with Victory at the end. Fortnite is said to be one of the most engaging and addictive games and that’s because people enjoy the items, effects, strategies, sound effects and other specialities of this game a lot. And to become a pro at playing this trendy game will be a dream come true for any game lover out there. You can play Fortnite either Solo, Duo or with a Squad. The fun begins when you team up with random members with probably other languages and they prove to be excellent teammates. So you can say that this game gives you a chance to make new friends! Try teaming up with top players to improve your skills even more and with a little hard work and by following these tips you might become a pro in no time!